Is a Furnace or HVAC System Labor Warranty Worth It?

Everyone appreciates the value of having a manufacturer’s warranty. Although your system may be covered by a 10-year parts warranty, cost of labor in the HVAC industry is very high and having a 10-year labor warranty in addition to that could save you thousands. Let’s do the math!

Example 1: Say, a circuit board goes bad (common repair). The cost of the board is $300-$500 which is covered by your parts warranty. Labor for the Diagnostic fee is $135. Labor for installation of new circuit board is $350-$500 for a total of, on the lower end $485. That one repair is roughly just half the cost of a 10-year labor warranty.

Example 2: It is highly likely that a system will need 2 capacitor replacements within 10 years. Two diagnostic fees = $270 + flat rate charges on 2 new capacitors = $280 for a total of $550. Again, half the cost of a 10-year labor warranty.

In our opinion a Labor Warranty will pay for itself and bring you peace of mind in avoiding unforeseen repair costs. Call us today to learn more.